Widespreading Induced Surface Exchange is a very WISE acronym. (yes, it’s a pun, too)

Yet, WISE very precisely describes the “Widespreading Induced Surface Exchange” function. WISE Technology is proven to provide tremendous and unexpected aeration levels that are 4 to 8 times more effective, per watt, than “blower horsepower”.   Blowers were the best that science has come up with, until now.   To repeat:  Blowers were most currently the most efficient method used for aerating traditional wastewater treatment systems prior to WISE Technology, explained by PondLift.

The WISE concept, although a theory, is not a concept intended to create something (like the atom bomb), where you start with a theory and develop it.   Instead, the WISE concept is theory used to explain a phenomena which is present and actually occurring.    From experience at farmsites over the past decade, and recent testing of PondLift equipment, we KNOW that the BOD(Biological Oxygen Demand) of a certain number of animals is being completely serviced within ponds of certain size with a specific number of equipment using specific electrical use.    By comparing the known total BOD to what is published for BOD service by the most efficient blowers and diffusers,  and bringing in the wattage used by blowers and the wattage actually used by the equipment, we clearly see and KNOW the aeration efficiency rates of the equipment is multiples better than blowers.

The WISE concept was developed to detail what occurs at ponds having successful equipment installations, so that a maximum theoretical efficiency might be derived using the theory for the phenomena being witnessed.

We know that oxygen goes into a liquid, and we know it happens at the surface.   What is the basis for surface exchange?   We know that a mountain stream is very rich with oxygen.   We also know that a mountain stream often flows quickly, tumbling over rocks, and changing the surface very often.   Trout love it there because of the rich oxygen levels (which readily let aerobic microbes quickly eat up BOD and keep the water quite clean).  It easily flows that Tumbling, and other movement maximizes oxygen exchange.

The WISE theory is based in the idea that the Oxygenation happens as a “surface exchange”…..   Assuming that is correct, we now try to account for the large surface needed for such an exchange, in comparison to what  bubble blower’s provide.   Keeping with the mountain stream analogy, and its continuous tumbling and surface change…..  we now consider an old rubber band…. old enough to break if you stretch it too much.  We now ask that you look carefully at the rubber band when you do stretch it a bit:   It opens up new surfaces when it is stretched.   The WISE theory contemplates the same happens at the surface of water when it flows outward, like a kitchen sink faucet’s flow moves  outward in all directions when it hits the sink bottom, flowing outward from a single point.

The WISE theory also relies on understanding calculus, and it’s integration formulas…..   and the basic concept of integration of the area under a curve gives the volume of the entire integrated area.   The analysis of the situation involves the continuous and repeated expansion of a circle.   The resultant formula is either integration of the circumference (2pi r), or more likely… the  integration of the area of the entire circle (pi r squared).   Integrating the r squared factor gives r cubed and pi squared (with other significant multipliers as well).   The WISE theory appears practical and applicable in explaining the phenomenon we witness.  Through the analysis process, wee see the “surface exchange” rate becomes a very reasonable and practical value, “fitting in” with what is proven in other realms of science.

Using the WISE theory explanation of the phenomena exhibited, PondLift maximizes efficiency.    PondLift’s patented equipment design  is much different than previous attempts, not only for moving the water in the right direction most effectively, but also offering a propeller designed to keep stringy material from wrapping on it. And for making the equipment so light it can easily be installed by hand.