John Ries - StinkSTOPper

John Ries in front of an original design for the StinkSTOPper!

StinkSTOPpers have basic similarities with previous brands:   They can float, they have motors, they have some type of rotational propeller/impeller, and they create an upward flow.

Yet, StinkSTOPpers are  significantly different.

StinkSTOPpers  have radically different design to better overcome the flaws previous pond aeration equipment had.  Obviously, these are NOT copies of previous equipment!


Although it is tempting to offer photos showing the details of our StinkSTOPper, we simply are shy on showing the specific patented details.  Our “special sauce” includes 2 details we can describe:

1.) We put the motor below, instead of on top. This eliminates much of the wrapping potential and damage caused by wrapping. (the motor is liquid cooled then… lighter weight is possible… etc.)

2.) The propeller shape is vastly different, and several things make it next to impossible for striny material to wrap on it. Yet, everyone can easily see how small and lightweight they are.

View the REALLY IMPORTANT things: RESULTS!  See our photos and movies of StinkSTOPpers in action!

StinkSTOPpers and SSP’s can be controlled by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which allow them operate at different  speeds.  They can also operate at full speed for those who don’t want VFD’s at their site.

In normal operation,  StinkSTOPpers operate at 1/2 speed… using around 500 watts of energy.   A higher speed will create a faster current, moving much more water upward and outward at the surface.  StinkSTOPpers are designed to be able to “dive” down to the bottom of the pond at higher speed, if such operation is desired by the owner.  (This is valuable during initial installation, when there is a backlog of manure to be decomposed.)

Higher speeds use almost all of the 1.5hp’s wattage requirements, but are amazing to watch:  The diving speed turns the propeller fast enough to provide enough upward thrust of water to pull the entire device, buoy and all, to the bottom of the pond to dislodge even the most encrusted solid matter from the bottom.

Yet, the continuous and relentless upward water flow at 1/2 speed is adequate for servicing a pond that is “caught up” with its treatment.

Each StinkSTOPper can effectively decompose the wastes of 100 animals weighing around 1,000 lbs each (or 1,000 animals weighing 100 lbs each).

StinkSTOPpers are positioned within the pond using poly cords, attached to the stands.   The cords allow them to be pulled into the pond and pulled out of the pond when needed, but always to position the StinkSTOPper in a certain “zone” within the pond.  Each StinkSTOPper will meander a bit, depending on the wind direction.  This is NOT a problem, since it allows it to have a wandering zone of influence directly below it.   The cords must be relatively tight, since they are the only thing “resisting” the rotation of the StinkSTOPper when the propeller starts spinning.  It is not much resistance, due to the weight of the StinkSTOPper and its spreadout stand… but the cord tightness is still a requirement.  (experience tells us this)

Power is supplied to the StinkSTOPper by power cord, rated for underwater use.   The power cord is tethered to one of the positioning cables, and tied to shore.   Two positioning cables are needed for each StinkSTOPper, with them forming a straight line across the pond, with the StinkSTOPper held in position between the 2 shore anchors.

Power is supplied to the site, with 220v single phase being the minimum requirement, allowing for 3phase power to be used as well.   If 220v single phase is supplied, Variable Frequency Drives are a necessary part of the installation, which convert the power to 3 phase, which in turn allows the StinkSTOPper to be operated in reverse for a short time in case something does wrap on the propeller.  This option is anticipated to be needed only rarely, but is put in place to eliminate the need to pull a unit to shore to clean off the propeller.   If 3 phase power is supplied to the site, VFD’s are not required, but solid state controls can be installed instead.

PondLift LLC implements patented design for StinkSTOPpers and SSPs, and performs radically different and high performance aeration and circulation.  PondLift  revolutionizes performance and renews the ability to aerate agricultural waste ponds, not only within the heartland of America, but around our nation, Canada and the world.

An original StinkSTOPper in action