PondLift designs each piece of equipment for a lengthy service life in the harshest environment imagined.

StinkSTOPpers are created mostly from stainless steel parts and fittings and polypropylene buoys.    The output shaft is stainless steel, with seals made specifically for underwater applications, and its exterior case has special coating for corrosion resistance.

The buoy is filled with urethane based foam, for permanent outdoor installations.  It’s foam filling helps assure that attempted vandalism (shooting with gun or rifle) will not affect the equipment operation.

Although the StinkSTOPper is well designed, improvements will be continue…. maybe for years to come.     PondLift is committed to providing the best possible equipment available, and is committed to retrofit all previously manufactured equipment to the latest standards for that model… even after the warranty period has expired.

Meanwhile, all StinkSTOPper parts and materials are warrantied for 4 years,  including the motor and the gearbox.   The first 2 years give a parts and labor warranty, and the 2 remaining years are for pro-rated parts only.    Because the electronic controls are purchased and not manufactured by PondLift, the electronic controls will have only the Manufacturer’s warranty on them.

Although PondLift uses a specific brand of  VFD’s, it may be that the a farmer or dealer wants to use a brand they already use and are familiar with, so VFD’s and other electrical control systems may be different as requested.