PondLift produces equipment to be installed in Open Ponds and in under-barn- pits to provide  WISE  aeration and circulation within each. We call our equipment StinkSTOPpers and Smlifts.

A StinkSTOPper goes on a pond.

A Smlift is a smaller version of the StinkSTOPper, reconfigured to not have the buoy nor the stand, which allows it to be installed in the barn pit from above, through the slatted floor, through a small opening.

StinkSTOPpers and Smlifts  are extremely powerful, but use very little energy. StinkSTOPpers and Smlifts  take advantage of  WISE technology to implement aerobic activity.

An Aerobic pond encourages aerobic bacterial growth, and decomposes manure aerobically, quickly and without odor.   (Anaerobic bacteria create the nasty greenhouse gasses and odors, and decompose things slowly) StinkSTOPpers and Smlifts make the pond/pit be a hostile environment for anaerobic bacteria, and without that type of bacteria, are odor free.

Implementing WISE technology quells the stench of manure and waste storage ponds. Our Company’s name, PondLift, describes the action of our devices: StinkSTOPpers and Smlifts create a strong upward current which lifts the water and lifts solids from the bottom, spreading them across the top of the pond.  This is the basis of WISE technology.  The outward spreading across the surface enhances oxygen exchange into the effluent, providing exceptional rates of oxygenation to support aerobic reactivity.

Solids brought to the surface often continue to float, becoming mini-biological reactors at the surface, quickly decomposing while providing a platform for additional aerobic bacteria activity and growth/expansion.

This truly is new and WISE technology at its best.