More recent attempts of smaller equipment still have material wrapping on it, requiring heavy equipment to take it off and reinstall in the ponds

These huge, steel-plated conventional aerators were expensive and sometimes weighed as much as 3,000 lbs!

Manure pond aeration is not a new concept, with attempts offered for decades by several manufacturers.  It appears that each generation was a copy of a previous attempt, with them all failing to fix main problems:

1. Heavy and Bulky equipment, needing specialized equipment to install and remove units for maintenance and cleaning.

2. High Maintenance requirements…  requiring frequent removal and replacement.

3. Designed to allow stringy material to wrap around the drive shaft, requiring removal to cut off the material.

…. Other issues not discussed, for brevity…

Below: Four Aeration devices that have been “retired”, due to the maintenance issues, and time consuming install/repair/reinstall process requiring heavy equipment.

little river

PondLift equipment is DIFFERENT:
The design for StinkSTOPpers and SSPs throw out all previous design concepts, with intense focus to perform WISE technology at the highest potential efficiency.   Every piece  and part utilized has a specific service goal for enhancing aerobic activity and keeping the entire pond in aerobic activity.  Yet, StinkSTOPpers weigh less than 105lbs, and SSPs are smaller/lighter yet!  Each are easily moved by hand, and easily installed/moved/removed at ponds/pits.   Due to the design, they are more powerful than earlier equipment, but use less electricity.