The concept of “Natural” Farming is based in enhancing natural processes  and minimize the use of chemicals.  Natural Farming tries to minimize use of man-made fertilizers and crop chemicals for controlling the weeds and pests.

A well recognized process within natural farming is the enhancement of nature’s bacterial activity.  It tries to enhance natural activities of bacteria, the natural activities of fungui, and other nature.     Providing the aeration, stirring, and circulation within a farm manure pond enhances the decomposition process, but also enhances the natural growth of the biomass within the pond, which is kept stable and healthy due to the daily inflow of “food” for the bacteria.   What is considered as manure is simply a regular food, lunch, and desert for the nature within the pond.

PondLift’s equipment provides an exceptional level of support for the natural aerobic process.

For this process within a pit/pond, nature provides the bacteria inherently.  Dominant bacteria likely change during the seasons of each local climate and “food” sources inherent in that area and time of the year.     Yes,  aerobic activity is rich even in the wintertime, in ponds normally frozen over.   Pondlift equipment also keeps the pond surface open even through the coldest of stretches.

StinkSTOPpers create dramatic current within the pond, providing over 20 square feet of supercritical flow (it’s an engineering term) which, cannot possibly freeze.  Aerobic activities within a pond is enhanced even in the coldest of climates…. and the bacteria are supplied by nature by natural process.

The biomass stored in the pond includes a compost tea, also made by traditional composting. But traditional composting is very time consuming and labor extensive.  Aerobic treatment within the pit/pond provides this tea, which is a natural product recognized as very helpful for Natural Farming when distributed to farmground.