PondLift is the solution for eliminating manure odor and manure runoff issues.

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PondLift can maximize your farm profits, and fix your manure problems.
We let you offer Peace to your neighbor and odor relief to your family’s home and work areas!

PondLift LLC is based in the SE corner of South Dakota, near Iowa, and Nebraska.   Our aeration equipment converts manure storage sites into aerobic treatment facilities.

PondLift makes the finest tool for ENVIRONMENTAL Stewardship – our StinkSTOPpers and SSPs help Nature clean our air, renew our farmland and protect our water resources.  PondLift brings a new level of Environmental Stewardship to farms. PondLift equipment adds PROFITABILITY to your manure handling system:

Aerobic Treatment quickly decomposes manure in an odorless manner. With aeration, manure quickly decomposes into plant ready nutrients, it is stored to be less susceptible to field runoff, and more easily applied directly to crops. See the Benefits page.

PondLift LLC manufacturers StinkSTOPpers and SSPs.  StinkSTOPpers are lightweight mechanical devices installed on manure or industrial storage ponds. SSPs are the smaller sisters, sized able to be installed in under-barn manure storage pits to convert them to aerobic treatment pits.