Please contact your favorite farmer equipment sales/ service provider to discuss if they would be interested in being a Licensee for PondLift equipment.

They should be willing to learn more about PondLift and its equipment, else they are a poor candidate for providing services for you.

Please review the Potential Licensee page to assure they qualify, and direct them to contact us.


PondLift will NOT sell equipment to private parties, for many reasons….  our summary:

We don’t want to make sales directly to sites since we don’t know who they are, and it is a very long process to for anyone to earn trust.   Instead we wish to rely on existing sales/service providers with good reputation.  They will be paid well for the work they do.  They will be working in active manure ponds!

If we were to try to do individual sales, we would need representatives scattered all over the country.  This is a huge cost, and very unnecessary since existing businesses are out there providing good service already.

If we were to try web-sales, we would still be bound to provide support… with the same problem above.   Without quick response and support,  any issues, no matter how big or small would need to be dealt with by our main office, and we are NOT going to be set up for individual service calls.   Our failure to service individual sales, would damage our reputation.   We will NOT allow this to happen.

We simply will use the well proven business model of “local sales/local service”, providing the highest quality equipment available for them to market/sell/service, providing our expertise to make this technology flourish, bringing rural America (and the world) to a more environmentally responsible place.   There is room for everyone.