The history of floating aeration equipment has repeated “failures”.  We know PondLift equipment works effectively without the problems of past equipment.   We wish to get this equipment to the market place as quickly as possible,  and MUST SHOW it works well.

To establish PondLift widely and develop quickly, We MUST BE AGGRESSIVE:

PondLift must put its equipment out for free, to allow proof that the StinkSTOPper works.  In this process, we show every potential user/buyer that it works before they have to put money on the table.

Marketing Overview

Our initial marketing process includes:

1.  identify existing sales and service providers who want to be potential Licensee’s (there is a 4 year warranty period, and service is very likely during that time)  Verify they can meet PondLift Licensee standards….  Move towards Licensing the provider.

2. Meanwhile, the potential Licensee easily identifies and makes contact at potential sites, focusing on those who have serious odor issues, those who fertigate their wastes through irrigation equipment and those who are restricted from expanding their operations due to disposal odors or other problems.

3. While the Licensing process is occurring, the potential Licensee verifies the conditions at the ponds meet PondLift design criteria.   The Licensee will meet with the Owner and establish what conditions would need to be met for the owner to be satisfied with StinkSTOPpers installed at the site.

4. PondLift confirms that the design can meet our requirement, determine how many StinkSTOPpers are required to properly function at the proposed pond, and establish a contract for both Licensing the Dealer site, and contracting with the site owner to purchase the equipment upon the StinkSTOPpers performing the desired function.  A letter of credit from the owner’s is gained before the equipment is built and sent to the site for installation.  Insurance coverage is verified, so if our StinkSTOPpers are stolen or damaged, PondLift is reimbursed, etc.  PondLift’s Sales/Training staff comes to the site with StinkSTOPpers, and helps the Licensee do the site installation and get everything up and running.    The Licensee then visits the site regularly (once per week?) to assure things are running well, and to keep in contact with the owner, pointing out specific things and to “sell” the equipment’s value.

5. Within 6 weeks to 10 weeks, upon reaching the moment when the Owner admits he is getting what he asked for, the Licensee then gains payment and sends PondLift’s share to PondLift.

By the time payment is made, the Licensee should already have additional sites identified, and the cycle repeats itself,minus the help from our training/sales staff.   The Licensee now has an operating site to show potential customers who have to “see and smell” first.  Some are such that they need to see it before they could even think about trying it at their place.


This marketing/sales process has some issues, mostly for PondLift.   Clearly, it makes it a bit more expensive to manufacture the units when you don’t get paid for them until several months later.  Also, on occasion, we will run into unscrupulous Licensee’s and/or Owners.  In some cases our own training/sales staff will need to take possession of unpaid units.   Yet, the patent pending status, soon to become actual patents, will assure that no-one can do our design and perform as well.  Others might buy “floating” equipment, but will end up getting ours after they have the typical problems of other equipment.

In addition, some problems might occur for Licensee’s if the Licensee doesn’t screen his potential clients well enough, and they have to pull a good installation off due to non-payment. (unfortunately, later on, it is likely the owner will ask that it be reinstalled! The Licensee’s will learn quickly, I am sure)