Does it Work? Results from an Active Installation

by alienbrett


This is an active manure storage pond, with our StinkSTOPpers installed. You will note the effluent is green. The green is algae.  Our intention isn’t to grow algae, but to decompose the effluent completely.  The algae could NOT grow if there was much of any raw manure in it.   Obviously the algae presence shows the effluent and manure nutrients are indeed “plant ready”.

What cannot be shown in a photo is that the effluent (and potentially, the barns) is very much odor-free. You’d have to visit one of our sites to witness this.

Our desire is to bring equipment to sites near you so you and site owners can affirm it “works” just like we say it does.  During this installation operation,  the financial benefits to the farmer are shown as well.  We get paid to leave the equipment there to do what it does.

YES, I will agree that it seems impossible to do aerobic treatment this way, especially for the very little energy input claimed.   When I first was told about this equipment…. and was asked about this equipment by the site owner, before they tried it, I told them: “It can’t work that way.  It is snake oil.  Run, don’t walk, away from this guy.”  “I’ve done aeration design: It can’t work this way.”  They installed it anyway, I was proven wrong, and I have been looking at it ever since.   (It is the site in the Lindsay literature)

So, yes, I agree it is unbelievable, but so is algae growing in an active manure pond.   You have a photo of that now!